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Previously I have been using xanga for blogging but found it to be a bit young for me. Not sure why exactly but I've decieded to try this to be different. We'll see if I like it. Anyway, this is my first post here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - this is Becka :) Have fun at blogger.com Hope you had a great holiday!!

5:33 am  
Anonymous SIM said...

Just thought I would drop by to see how your blog site was doing.Ya haven't done much have ya.


6:33 am  
Anonymous artisically_inclined said...

Whoa...too young eh? I never thought of xanga as young...but now I do. lol...

11:36 am  
Anonymous Jesica Lauren said...

I am doing a paper on the Sudan and was interested in your response. If you could please visit my site to post your answer and thoughts. Thank You.

1:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw from your xanga that you were a missionary in the Sudan. What's it like?

6:05 am  

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