'Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf'

Do you recognise this sentance? It's not a modern quote, it's not a quote from a current crisis or situation. Yep, it's a quote from the Bible. It's from 1 Samuel 14:6 and it was recently used by the SIM Australia director in one of the meetings I heard him share in. It's a strange quote, when I read it my immediate thought is that this guy didn't have much faith but I'm wrong on that. The rest of the quote is 'Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving whether by many or by few.'. Wow, that part is pretty mind blowing.
The situation this quote was made in was pretty scary, it was just Jonathan and his armour-bearer being outnumbered 50 to 1. They had 2 swords and the Philistines had much more! What's my point, well, I have a camp coming up in a few weeks time. I feel that I've 'done' everything I possibly can to be prepared for it, I've advertised and networked and promoted etc etc etc in every way I can think of. I still feel outnumbered and my faith seems pretty small at the best of times. I often feel that I can apply the quote 'Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf' to myself. Perhaps the Lord will bring the camp together well, perhaps the Lord will bring in enough campers, perhaps it will be a 'sucess' etc....Then I have to remember, it's God's camp, not mine and 'nothing can hinder the Lord from saving whether by many or by few'. It's when we are feeling like we have no control that we have NO CHOICE but to acknowledge the fact that the Lord is in control beyond our faith as small as a mustard seed! (Matt 17:20).


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