What's With The WA Weather

Ok, usually when you talk about the weather with somene it's as a conversation filler but our weather here in WA has been so unusual that it's worth a mention. Normally by now we're sweating it out with 30 - 40 degree (celcious) days but I'm sure we've only had two or three days when its been over 30. It's meant to be 23 today.

According to the weather zone the forecast for the next week in Perth is:

Sat - 21 C Sun - 26 C Mon - 29 C Tues - 29 C Wed - 28 C Thurs - 27 C Fri - 28 C

I feel for anyone living over east at the moment, it seems that every other city and state except for ours is suffering with high temps up in the mid to high 30's/low 40's. I'm certainly not complaining.


Blogger Thomas said...

Hi Amanda, you stopped by my blog the other day and so now I'm returning the favor!

One post that caught my eye was the weather one...I come from sunny/rainy/snowy/mild Victoria, and our weather's been all over the place lately. New Year's Eve reached 42, and the next day we were going to have a pool party for my daughter Maya, but it rained all that day! The day after was back to mid-30's. Go figure.

On another topic: Do you know a Simon Williams?

Thanks for stumbling across my blog.



10:22 am  
Blogger Amanda said...

Hi, no worries, I enjoyed reading your blog, very humorous. Yeah, our weather is still going stupid, now because of the cyclone our temps have changed again! No, I don't know Simon Williams, who is he?

7:59 pm  
Blogger Thomas said...

Hi again Amanda, it's just you subscribed to the "Simon Stuff" blog (by Simon Williams) and I wondered how you got onto it. Simon's my brother and studied in Perth for a while...maybe just a coincidence!



1:36 pm  

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