A Blog Meme

Got this meme from Sanctifiable so thought I'd have a go at it:

1. First blog you ever read?
The Journey by Rodney Olsen

2. What inspired you to start your own?
Um, probably the idea that I could keep in contact with a bunch of students from Sahel Academy where we taught in Niger. A heap of them have xanga blogs, eg: Protestant Nun (Christy)

3. The best and worst about blogging?
Best: Sharing ideas, encouragement and silly stories
Worst: When you spend ages putting up a post and get zero respose

4. Who was the first person to comment on your blog? Troll your archives and find out.
I used to have a xanga blog but on this particular blog the first person was Becka Borody who has a xanga blog. She was a student at Sahel Academy.

5. What has been your most popular blog entry?
That would be this post.

6. If I re-named my blog I would call it ...
Just a Moment

7. If my blog had a theme song it would be ...
Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

8. If my blog was a room it would look like ...
Bigweld's house from Robots

9. Five bloggers I would like to have over for dinner.
Actually, I'd have six! Christy, Rodney, Kitty, Trevor Burns (my dad), Johnathan and Candy (my brother and sister-in-law), Karen (my best friend)

10. Two bloggers you would like to set up on a blind date.
No one really, wouldn't do that unless I knew them well, even then.....

11. Somebody I wish had a blog?
Dead: Keith Green
Alive: Tom Hanks

12. If you were only allowed to read one blog ever again, which blog would it be?
Not including close family and friends I'd choose Peregrine Sojo - Kitty's Kronicle

13. Discover a blog. Link to a blog that you have recently found, or a blog you have been reading for a while and haven't blogrolled.
My Cousin Rikki

Tag five bloggers to complete this meme
Go for it if you want to.


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