Curried Missionary - Part 7

Part 7 of Curried Missionary covers some effective ways to send parcels to missionaries including some practical suggestions. I hope you find this a little helpful.

Pic: Me on top of a camel during a trek we did in Niger, West Africa

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"Postage ~ How to Send

There will of course be a postage cost involved here but it does depend on what you buy. Obviously if you are sending a magazine it may cost more (which is why a subscription would be cheaper) whereas if you are posting a packet of gravy mix it will be lighter. When purchasing things to send always consider weight.

In some countries the missionary may have to pay a customs duty for parcels over a certain weight. ALWAYS CHECK ON CUSTOMS DUTY BEFORE SENDING ITEMS. The last thing you want to do is end up costing your missionary a lot of money at the other end!

If you can’t afford postage, perhaps you could do a small fundraiser in your church (cake stall, craft stall etc…be creative!) and raise money specifically to encourage a missionary.

You can collect an information sheet from the post office, which will let you know weight costs for each country and then weigh your parcel at home to make sure you don’t get stuck with an overweight parcel!

Finally, don't forget that just as Australia has quarantine restrictions, each country will have theirs too. You can ask at your post office for a list of these items. "


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