The Convention Starts

Today we spent most of our time in preparation for the Keswick Autumn Convention and then attending it. We had three displays to set up this time as we'd promised to help out two other missions so we had to be there quite early. All went well and the meeting went well too.

This morning we found out that our digital projector has been stolen (the SIM one) and this was a real downer. We decided not to stress about it and reported it to the necessary people. We were able to borrow another projector from another mission and our display went off without a hitch. God is in control of all things including this so we aren't letting it get in the way of ministry. Here's a piccy of the display, you can see the projector on the right and the little tiny screen we set up on the left (it's actually a blank artists canvas):

Also, this is a shot of the hall filled with people that looked so empty only days ago.


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