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A couple of weeks ago I decided to start highlighting a SIM project every now and then. It's time for another one. The first project I wrote about was the Pastor's Bookset Project and can be found here.

Again, this project is one I've seen with my own eyes coming to fruition while we were in Niger. We visited Maradi which is in a place that we would think of as the middle of nowhere! There are quite a few SIM missionaries working there long-term, and quite a few Aussies. These amazing people are out there living in very difficult conditions in a hot, dry, very poor (world's poorest) country. The main focus of this project is to assist in the physical needs area of the local people and at the same time SIM is a testimony of God's love for them.

The missionaries that we know of are all professionally trained in the area of agriculture or horticulture etc... and do not have to be there. They are there because they believe that God loves the people of Niger and want to demonstrate this to them in a practical way.

Here's the information from the SIM Australia website:

Maradi Integrated Development Project (MIDP)

"The hot withering Sahara wind carries tons of dust across the towns of Niger. The country was once green and productive, but as a result of long-term destructive farming practices, the country is denuded. The result is hunger and a descending spiral of poverty. This project is changing Niger. Both native plants and Australian Acacias are being researched and grown, reforesting the land and providing essential firewood, building materials, and forage for cattle. Your donation will help to continue this research and educate local farmers to care for their lands."

A testimony about the effectiveness of this project can be found here. Information on how to give to this project can be found on the SIM Australia website.

Pics: Actual images of the MIDP project in full swing from Aussie Missionaries Peter and Sally Cunningham (family pictured - they have one more son now).


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