Say (sigh)

Me and one of the ladies from Say

In the last three posts I've shared some of the more extreme experiences we had while in Niger. Much of those experiences involved me being a bit scared or shaken or even sad so I thought I would share a really wonderful part of our time in Niger that was probably the stand out for me.

Kris and Shelley

Many of the SIM short-termers were good friends with Kris and Shelley Riggs who work in Niger with the Southern Baptist Mission and one weekend they offered us all a wonderful opportunity. They invited us out to stay overnight in a village they were working in and meet the lovely people. The name of the village was 'Say' which is pronounced sigh.

Michael with a baby

Outside of a hut

Ladies pounding Millet

At the well

From memory this village was only an hour outside the city of Niamey and yet there were people there who had never been to the city. The photos here tell the story. They are very poor, they had already harvested their crops and lived with very little shelter. We were able to go to the well with the women and see how they drew water, pounded millet and take a look inside one of their huts. The men got to go off with the Fulani men and herd some goats and they also got to eat the food first while us women waited with the village women (tradition). A friend and I got to sleep inside a hut for the night.

The most memorable part of the stay in Say was meeting the only Christian in the village. This is him holding the cup. This is a real village, not a tourist village, the people are real, not actors, they are also without hope.

Me and some of the ladies of the village at the well

I'm not sure how far Kris and Shelley have come with the people of Say since our visit over 5 years ago now but Kris has a blog so perhaps you could ask him! Please pray for their work amongst the Fulani people of Niger.

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Blogger Robin Weiss said...

Hey Amanda Greetings from a fellow christian artist from Poulsbo Washington U.S. I have been following your blog for a while now . Your art work is very good. The stories of your travels and service are interesting and inspiring. I have started my own blog inpleinair.blogspot.com Would you you be my first link?

12:03 am  
Anonymous Kim said...

Hi amanda,
nice blog....i found some great picures of you and the natives, in which country was that?

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