Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Photos from our recent trip away

1…. Manly Beach (Sydney) - this is the bench where we got engaged in 1994
2…Merry Go Round - Kezi and her Nanna at Darling Harbour, Sydney

3….Near Paddy's Markets, Sydney - it was cold!
4….Icecream at Manly Beach
5….Chinese Meal with fellow State Ministry Directors for SIM in Australia
6….The plaque says it all! Found in Cairns (Queensland) Botanical Gardens
7….Two sleeping bubbies - cousins.
8…Me on Green Island
9…Michael and our nephew Malachi in the pool at Green Island
10…Looks like it's been painted! Found in the Botanical Gardens in Cairns
12….Family Tradition - playing hand and foot (card game)
13…My brother Johnathan, sister in law Candy and nephew Malachi on the beach at Green Island off Cairns, Queensland.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO WAY! MY FAMILY PLAYS HAND AND FOOT TOO! We love it so much that we have taught it to all those we know so that we always have people to play with. My two aunts and mom play it all the time, pretty much daily and I expect them to come down pretty soon so I ganuntee you that we will be playing a game or two ourselves. And, just so you know, there is a whole deaf community that would play a game with you should you come down to Mexico! ;-)

1:17 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

LOL, that's funny. WE always play it when we get together. WE have so many packets of cards in a huge pile it's not funny!!! And... we learnt it from Missionaries in PNG so maybe its a missio thing

12:18 am  

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