This past week we celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary. We decided to do something a little different so instead of spending the money on a fancy meal we went to the circus. The circus doesn't come to WA that often so we really enjoyed the show. It was the Joseph Ashton Circus and came complete with a lot of acrobatics and a flying trapeze so it was very entertaining. One thing they mentioned is that local councils in WA aren't allowing circuses into thier areas because of animal liberationists. Any circus that has animals in it is not allowed. This seemed very unfair considering that these people are a family business who work very hard. What animals do they have? Miniature ponies and two geese! Ridiculous laws. They treat their animals so well too, you can't tell me they are any different to what's done at a pony show or even a dog show for that matter! Anyway, we enjoyed it, a 2 hour show well worth the money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi yeah circus joseph ashton is great i have been 3 times and am not sik of it!!! I love jordan mel 4 mezza bye from anon

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