So, She Got 20 Years!

So Schappelle got 20 years jail for her 'crime'. Interesting. I'll continue following this case as probably most Aussies will do with the hopes that she'll win an appeal or the Indonesian govt gives a bit of leniancy. I've read lots of the comments people have put out there about this case. Some people state that we should avoid going to Bali for a while to protest and others say that we shouldn't do that or the Indonesian tourist trade will suffer. My opinion on this is that in order for a protest to be heard, someone has to sacrifice and in this case it's their tourist trade. Australia has been very very good to Indonesia. We gave 9 of our own lives in that helicopter crash rescuing Tsunami victims, not to mention the continual aid for that event and all the assistance and care we gave after the Bali bombings. It's about time they were shown what it means to show mercy. Even if Schappelle is guilty (and I don't think she is), 20 years jail is an over the top reaction to this crime. In Australia, she wouldn't have even got 5 years jail. Sure, you have to give the government of another country credit for their own legal system but when there has been a lot of take from Indonesia, the least they could do is give a little.


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