Visiting the Vet and Arranging a Breakfast...

Ok, these two things aren't actually related apart from the fact that they are the two main things that happened over the last two days (apart from Mother's Day). Firstly, a big scare. My sausage dog had a bit of an accident on Friday morning (unrelated to the last one). She's old and so it was inevitable for a daschund. She jumped up with her two front paws on our bed (she can't get up though) and either popped a disc or pinched a nerve. Anyway, she was in a lot of pain and we ended up with a nice bill and a bit of a shock from the vets that morning. Almost three days later she's going really well and is on lots of medication to help. It's working praise the Lord for that!

Secondly, I was involved in running a special day for missions reps called a reps retreat here in Perth. We started the day with a breakfast for Pastors and Missions reps and this was followed by some really great disucssion. It was very thought provoking. We had around 50 there for brekkie which I was basically in charge of organising. After that there was a series of spiritual encouragements for the missions reps which went into the afternoon. A very encouraging and successful day. I of course am exhausted and am taking tomorrow off!


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