Curried Missionary - Part 3

This is part three of my booklet entitled 'Curried Missionary'. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 can be found here. (pic: us in PNG when visiting my parents)

It is very easy for a missionary who is a long way from home to become discouraged. An overseas missionary (or one in their own cultural context) is not a super spiritual person who is immune to this but someone who the Lord has called to minister in another country and culture and who, like all Christians are prone to the devil’s attacks from every angle. If that person receives little or no news from home the discouragement increases.

In a missionary environment the feeling of failure to produce ‘results’ rears it’s head often. The devil will attack in any way possible and from every angle. As with all Christians, a missionary is fighting a spiritual battle every day but often without the constant physical support that is available to us here in Australia. If we are discouraged we can go to a number of sources to be encouraged such as our church Pastor, family members, friends or even go to our Christian bookstore and pick up an encouraging book.

Your missionary is most likely not able to do these things and therefore, the spiritual battle is very wearing and tiring both physically and spiritually. It is up to us as part of our missionary’s support system to encourage them in every way possible. Unfortunately we have often failed at this and so we can be 'in part' responsible for many missionaries leaving the overseas field discouraged.
In the following pages I will share way’s to encourage missionaries physically through what I have found out in my own experiences and through speaking to many missionaries personally."


Blogger Kitty Cheng said...

This is great!!! I often see encouraging missionaries one of the most important roles for support. Looking forward to part 4 of your curried missionary to learn more about how to encourage them physically.

12:15 pm  
Blogger Crosses for Christ said...

This series is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing it. My husband and I were missionaries to the Ojibway Indians in Canada for 18 years. I have recently been elected Missionary President of our church. Part of my responsibilities is a monthly article for our church newsletter. I would like your permission to use some/all of the "Curried Missionary" for a series in the newsletter. Please contact me by email bedfordcross@comcast.net. I am working on the first article now. Thanks
Yours for Christ
Marcia Cross

11:26 pm  

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