Illustration Friday - 'Insect'

The theme for illustration Friday this week is 'insect'. I don't have time to paint or draw this week but I do have this instead. It's a pattern which looks to me a lot like the patterns we see on insect wings or even the tunnels made by ants. Acrylic on paper. Being a bit outside the box!


Blogger Unknown said...

Great interpretation of the topic. I have such a hard time 'thinking outside the box'. This definately looks like the scales of a butterflies wings. Great job!

12:14 am  
Blogger audrey` said...

Looks abit like the Indonesian's batik painting too :)
It's fabulous ;)

6:34 pm  
Blogger carla said...

Good for you! I like outside of the box illustrations! The colors and patterns on this are very pretty. They also remind me of patterns on bark.

9:38 pm  
Blogger The Unknown said...


6:16 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

My 1st impression was butterfly wing close-up. Very good interpretation.

10:58 am  
Blogger Amanda Hunt said...

Thank you for all your comments, I'm glad you liked it.

9:09 am  
Blogger Jay Montgomery said...

I love the way you think. The colors are nice.

10:20 am  
Blogger GregoryNeiser said...

Wow you streched that just alittle......However it is fun becasue i can look at your drawing and interpret it however i please

1:13 am  

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