And now for Photo Friday - 'Masculine'

The theme for Photo Friday last week was 'Masculine' so here's my entry. This is Nick, he's a Pastor in a church in Papua New Guinea and he's tending his garden here.


Blogger An Ordinary Christian said...

The world is an amazing place. Do you miss not being in the missionary world, way out there? What was it like growing up in a missionary family? So fascinating.

11:42 am  
Blogger Amanda Hunt said...

Hey there! I grew up in Perth WA with parents who worked for a Christain newspaper. We lived as missionaries in Perth Australia. It wasn't until I was around 25 that my parents went to Papua New Guinea and we went to Niger West Africa. I do miss being overseas though and we hope to return to 'that' mission field one day.

9:32 am  

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