Missing Dad

Dad and I have a great relationship. We've been close since I was a kid and we probably share a lot of the same funny little quirks (if he were in my position he'd line up the bottles in the fridge too).

When I was a teenager he used to sit up late on a Friday night waiting for me to come home from youth group. We'd then sit and discuss everything from the week. Usually the finance report was on the teli at that time given by a guy we referred to as Gotlipsen (because we couldn't pronounce his name) and we used to turn the sound down and watch him tell the report as if it was the most exciting story in the world (lots of facial expression). We'd make up what we thought he was saying and sit there and laugh and laugh. As I've gotten older I've often come to a different point of view on things but it hasn't changed our relationship, we're still close and I still go to him when I need some encouragement.

I've got this silly rhyme running through my head which originated with my dad. It goes:

Inky pinky ponky
Daddy had a donkey
Donkey died
Daddy cried
Inky pinky ponky

I have no idea where he got it from but every now and then I find myself saying it and I think of him. Weird huh.

Pic: myself, Dad and my brother Johnathan, quite a few years old this one but still a favourite.


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