Late Night Rant - Need a Pout

I have been working very hard over these last few weeks to promote my little online shops. To date, I've had 5 sales in the Aussie shop and a big fat zero in the US based one. It can get very discouraging. I've looked at how many great handmade things there are out there and I think 'why do I bother?'. I know I can create things but so can lots of people! I have this urge to be creative, I have to create something or do something creative every day or I feel like something is missing. I suppose some people get the same thing from sports or exercise.

Anyway, feeling a bit discouraged about it all. I keep getting comments like 'don't worry, you'll get a sale soon' and 'be patient, it could take months'. Great. Like anyone, I WANT A SALE NOW!!! Ok, maybe I'm just learning a lesson in patience and perseverance. Like the person who excercises every day, it may take months of hard work before I see any results. I hope I can keep it going that long!!

PS. That happy chappy on the left if Charlie - one of my miniature dolls. He stands at 5cm tall.

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Blogger Michelle said...

Hey there Amanda . . . since your getting an earful of encouragment from people but no sales I thought you might be interested in putting one of your things as a prize on 5-min for mom's blog party . . . she says "Submit a prize (optional)
Our prize page will be generating a lot of traffic and attention. So if your blog or store wants to submit a prize let us know."

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