Go! Reachout

Another 'project' I'm involved in through my work with SIM is WA's version of Reachout NSW (which apparently has up to 1000 young people coming along each year) called Go! Reachout. Missions Interlink WA is starting Reachout here for the first time this year in September and one of the speaker's is from my mission - SIM. Actually, he's the director of SIM Australia. Should be a great camp/Conference with dynamic speakers and electives. I hope we can spread the word around that this camp is on. This is before my own camp ('Seize The Day')which is approx 1 month later. Reachout is more about Challenging young adults to missions whereas my camp is a step two for those who have alrady been challenged to missions and have a lot of questions. The main problem with these two camps for me is that for the first one I'll be due to have the baby anytime between then and the end of the month. For the second one I'm most likely to have a two or three week old baby! Should be interesting.


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