It was Inevitable

Yes, it was inevitable really that I would end up with my hubby's throat infection/head cold. I've been avoiding it the best I can for the last week but now that his is clearing up I've started with the sore throat! What's really bad is that if it does turn into a full blown cold, I can't take anything for it while I'm pregnant! Yuck. All I'm allowed to do is gargle salt water - great.


Blogger Bruce said...

Hope the pregnancy is going well for you Amanda - how long have you got to go?

Ruth (my wife) and I are down to 7.5 weeks to go and it's starting to get really exciting!

10:48 am  
Blogger Amanda said...

Hi Bruce, the pregnancy is going quite well for me. I'm in week 28 at the moment so I've just hit the third trimester. Hope all's well for your wife also.

10:02 pm  

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