More Starving Children!

This article on the bbc website points once again to the lack of food in Niger at this moment. Children are starving as are families. Does anyone care? Most seem to have heard of Ethiopia and Mali and their starving millions. Has anyone heard of Niger?
This is the quote that got me: Amina is so starved she cannot eat even if she wants to. "She vomits as soon as I give her food or water," says her mother. "As far as I'm concerned, God did not make us all equal - I mean, look at us all here. None of us has enough food." How heart wrentching. God did make us all equal and yet this lady has concluded that she is of less value than the western person who has food or even her Nigerien neighbour who is in front of her in the queue.
For those who don't know where Niger is, here's a map:


Blogger Garth said...

Yep ...we've gotta keep pushing this!

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