Power Outage

I'm writing this from Dunsborough in the south west of WA where we are enjoying a much needed break. It was all going fine and dandy until at 7pm last night the power went out. Whenever this happens at our place in the 'burbs' it's only ever off for one or two hrs at the most. Not so here. We had no power for close to 17 hrs! Normally this wouldn't have been a problem except that we needed the microwave to heat the bubby's bottles! We had to use hot tap water to sit the bottles in but the milk went cold fast so she drank less which meant she slept for less between feeds etc... etc...We tried lighting the fire to boil hot water on but it set off the smoke alarm (which we could'nt get the cover off it to take out the batteries). What a relief when the power came on just before lunch. Hopefully tonight will go better.


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