A Real Aussie Princess

I've been watching the Australian Princess show for the past few weeks, firstly out of curiosity but gradually for it's 'ridiculous and laughable' factor. It's not the type of girls they're trying to turn into a Princess that makes me laugh, it's more to do with the strange and unrealistic world that aristocrats seem to live in.
It got me thinking, what would a REAL Aussie Princess be like anyway. Would she play Polo, use 16 different knives and forks, be chauffer driven or know how to address a Baronet? Probably not. She'd be more likely to play either Netball, Cricket, Surfing or Footy, enjoy a weekend Barbie with her paper plates and plastic forks, drive a rusty Datto and not even know what a Baronet is. Oh hang on, that's what these girls are like.


Blogger Rodney Olsen said...

OK Amanda, you asked for it. You're tagged. :)

5:32 am  

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