13 in Cell #7

This article in the Daily Telegraph tells of the current conditions in Schapelle Corby's prison cell. Journalist Tony Wilson writes:

"When she was first transferred from the stinking cell at Polda police station earlier this year, the cell had eight inmates...Corby's sister Mercedes said the number had risen to 13 – crammed into the cell measuring just 4m x 3m. Corby's allotted space is just 920sq cm and Mercedes said when inmates tried to sleep on their mattresses, they were touching shoulder to shoulder."

The article points out that this is the size of a child's bedroom. Imagine living in those conditions day in and day out.


Blogger An Ordinary Christian said...

I enjoyed reading the 20 things about you. What is a prefect? Where in America did you visit? Our church does a lot of missionary work in West and North Africa. I'v e been to most of the U.S. states, and some countries. My daughter and I are planning to get to all 50 within the next couple of years. She's been to Australia and New Zealand. She's the child of mine that has traveled the most.

12:22 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

Hi. A prefect is like a student councellor. We visited Illinois in the USA and we drove into Ohio (went to the movie set of 'Field of Dreams'). Sure sounds like your daughter is a traveller!

1:52 pm  

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