Third day of the conference and the day of rest.

Sunday was the final day of the Keswick Autumn convention. What a busy day that was as we went to church in the morning and then straight to Keswick! We didn't leave there till around 10.30pm! Was it a productive weekend? Yes in some ways. The thing is, as a missions director, standing at a missions display you just never know who has come along and taken information off your table when you aren't there. We know it was an important weekend because there was spiritual attack so we'll see if we ever find out why.

It was nice to have a slow, stay home and take a breather day today (well, for me, poor Michael had a few SIM meetings still). Keziah was worn out and needed a bit of sleep catch up. She's got two teeth poking through too so I think she feels a little tired from that.

Pic: This is what Keziah did do over the weekend fairly well!


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