SIM Project Highlight #3 - CREN

It's time for another SIMAid project highlight. This time I'm focussing on a program in Burkina Faso that assists children and mother's who are in desperate need for care. Below is directly from SIM's website explaining in depth about the project. The link for more information is here.

Centre for Malnourished Children (CREN)
Piela, Burkina Faso

"The Centre for Malnourished Children makes a significant difference in the lives of children in Burkina Faso. There are two aspects to their program – milk for helping quick weight gain and milk formula for babies whose mothers have died.

Village women generally follow the teaching of their elders in regard to child rearing. They rely on breast milk for the first year or start the child on porridge, consisting of millet flour and water only from as early as six months. Children become malnourished because of the lack of protein. They also suffer from bouts of diarrhoea because of poor hygiene and unclean drinking water."

Photos: From the SIM Australia website


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