Is it a cold? Is it sinuses? No, it's everything!

This week we're staying in lovely old farm cottage in Dunsborough. We have a great fire to keep the place warm (it's winter down under!) but it seems that my extra sensitive nose didn't take well to smoke from the fire. I got a sore throat at the start of this week from the smoke which went away after a few days but left me sounding like I had a cold. Then last night I was convinced that this had turned into sinusitis which is the only sort of sickness I get but usually around spring. I haven't had a cold in a few years and I can't remember having the flu since we've been married.

Well, after taking some sinus tablets and them being ineffective I've decided that it's developed into a cold and am now on cold and flu tablets. They're working well enough for me to be able to do the usual things but I'm worried that Kez will get it now! Erk! I hope not. If she does, it will be the first time she's been sick.

It should clear up in a day or so which is good because we've still got till the end of the week in the country! I'm not letting it ruin my break though.

On another note, I've skipped photo Friday and Illustration Friday this week, mainly because we're on holidays and I don't have the energy.

I hope you're all well out there by the way, oh and our brochures are looking like going to the printers in the next week at last!


Blogger Ladybird said...

Wooohhooo Can't wait to see them

8:41 am  

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