Schapelle's Samples

I have been writing to as many different companies as I can on the internet and asking for samples of their products. I've done this before and quite often you get all sorts of little sachet's of everything from face cream to chocolate pudding but this time is different. I read somewhere that sachet's of these products (especially toiletries) work really well for Schapelle Corby.

So far I've got a lovely little collection going and when I've got a few more I'll pop them in the post for her. Why am I blogging about this? Two reasons, to remind you that she's still in that jail cell and to see if anyone else out there would be willing to do the same thing. Anyway, I'll leave that idea with you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amanda - I think it's a fabulous idea. It's one I'm unfamiliar with, and I'm not sure precisely how to go about it....but it's something I'd like to look into. It does sound like a wonderful idea, something Schapelle could really benefit from.

1:15 pm  

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