Happy First Birthday Keziah!!

Today our daughter Keziah turned one! What a year and how fast it's gone. We got up early and after the usual bottle etc... gave her some presents and she had a great time ripping off the paper. Unlike what people told me, she didn't just go for the paper but was more interested in what was inside once she saw there was something. We had a loooonngg day out in the city and she's worn out tonight. Her grandparents dropped around before her tea time with their presents for her which she also loved and her other grandparents in PNG (my parents) as well as her Uncle, Aunty and Cousin phoned tonight too.

Saturday we're having an open house style birthday party. No games but lots of party food and a cake. People can come and go as they please that way. It's even set to be inbetween her sleeps so she won't get too worn out (we'll see!).

Anyway, thought I'd include these shots of her opening some presents today.

A very special quilt made by Nanna Burns

With her puppy toy

All the new toys in one place - for now! The cot they're all in was fixed up by my Dad, it was my Mums and then mine and now it's hers. Thanks Dad, you did a fantastic job!


Blogger Suzy said...

Happy Birthday Keziah! :-)

10:37 pm  
Blogger gillian said...

Happy Birthday Keziah

xxx gil

11:48 pm  
Anonymous Jonathan D. Moore said...

I didn't realize Keziah was born on 20 Sept! That's our son, Anthony's birthday. He just turned 18! Happy Birthday, Keziah. We look forward to meeting you some day!

2:53 pm  
Blogger Carol Wilson said...

Happy Birthday Keziah, and love to all the family. What a beautiful little girl!

9:28 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks for all your birthday wishes for Kez. We had a lovely little party on Saturday for her.

11:14 pm  

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