Fun Around Sydney

We had today to adjust to the time difference here before our meetings start tomorrow and it was no problem (Perth is three hours behind Sydney, at least for another week when we get a trial of daylight savings over in the west, then we'll be only 2 hours behind). We went for what we were told was a 15 minute walk to the big shopping centre, was about a half an hour walk with the pusher. We all got our exercise which is good because we'll be spending a lot of time sitting over the next week.

Saw a couple of funny signs and sights as we walked to the shops so I've posted the photos here.

That's a letterbox and junk mail that's been there so long it's melted onto the fence.

Outside a house we walked past. There were about 6 signs like this outside their house.

This is outside where we're staying - not sure if it's a warning to shopping centres or people!

The very welcoming sign that greeted us at the door.


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