Miniatures and Beads for Sale

I have for sale polymer clay beads that I've hand made. I will be opening an online store at Etsy sometime in December at which I intend to sell my art-stitch tags as well.

The prices on these are Australian Dollars. If you need to work out a conversion rate go here. All prices quoted below are not including postage. Postage will be worked out with each order according to weight and distance. We have a paypal account with which you can pay online or, if you are in Australia I'm happy to accept direct deposit. If you would like to buy anything, please drop me a note in the comments and I'll get in touch with you.

Anyway, that's all the businessy things out of the way. Oh one more thing - the money from the art-stitch tags will go to SIM's HOPE for Aids but the money for the polymer clay beads will go towards our support.

For now here's a sample of what's for sale:

2cm wide, hole through the middle for stringing.
$AU3.00 for 6 beads.

Pins - four standard sewing pins. Varnished.
$AU4.00 per set of four - 1 set only of this design.

Turtle beads - hole through the centre for stringing.
3cm long.
10 Available. Unvarnished
$AU1.00 each.

Miniature Lemon Meringue Pie slices.
Each slice measures around 1.5cm - 2cm long. Unvarnished. 7 Available.
AU80c per slice.

Heart pendants. 2cm long.
Varnished. 5 Available.
$AU1.00 each.

Miniature slices of toast with lemon butter.
1.5cm long. Unvarnished.
5 Available.
AU80c each.


Blogger Robin Weiss said...

Got my people beads today! Yea! Thanks Amanda! Their great. You get four stars for customer satisfaction.

12:18 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks Robin, glad they arrived safely!

3:48 pm  

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