More Miniatures and Beads

I seem to be posting a bit about these beads that I've been making out of polyclay but that's because it's my latest fad. I'm really enjoying it and it's fun to work in a new medium. I have a long list of things I want to do within the realms of creativity and I have to improve on using a visual diary to record them.

These include:

1. Doing something with the slides I've recently been given by my grandmother. (any artsy suggestions). I do want to use them to create a large backlit image.
2. More felt creations.
3. Knit a blanket for Keziah - make it up as I go, no patterns as usual.
4. Paint another African swirl painting. (left)
5. Do more scratchboard
drawings (or scraperboard depending where you're from)
6. Play with air dry clay.

7. Knit little people to sell.

8. Get back into oil painting, watercolours and pastels.

9. When Kez is old enough we're making a dolls house together - I'm getting a head start with all the
10. Collage. I really want to have a go at this. A bit like
Hanna's work over at il Bloggo
11. Learn how to use my computer better for creativity - especially in the area of photography.

12. Have a go at felting (using wool).
13. Other ideas I've got that I can't recall because I'm so bad at using a visual diary.

I did take some more photos of the beads and miniatures I've made over the last few nights. For now I'll just put this one up to tempt you:

Coin is an Australian 5c coin


Blogger Corazon Latino said...

I do love the African swirl painting. The chockie makes my mouth water. It has to be Cadbury's :-)

5:07 pm  

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