There are some very giving people in this world. I met a lady named Roz through the Schapelle Corby supporters site. Roz generously put together an albumn of supporters and has sent it to Schapelle this year. We have a page in there too and you can view it here. We are on pages 8 and 9.

I mentioned on the supporters site that I was hoping to receive Schapelle's new book 'Schapelle Corby, My Story' as a Christmas or Birthday gift this year and Roz offered to send her copy over to me as she'd read it already. What a lovely lady. Roz has an online scrapbooking shop so pop in and have a look! Thanks Roz!!

I'll be writing about my impressions of the book sometime in the future, it was written by Schapelle herself so it should be an interesting read.


Blogger Michelle said...

I look forward to hearing your thoughts Amanada. I am still awaitng the arrival of my copy. It is not available in Canada so I had to order online which I did. Now I sit and wait "patiently."

I agree with the props for Roz...a truly remarkable woman!

Take care!

10:20 am  

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