Eating Grass and Leaves

It seems that some of the needed aid in Niger is finally getting through. Praise the Lord for that. This article on the bbc website tells how 16 tons of aid has arrived at Niamey airport but as one worker says, that's just not enough. They need 23,000 tons to feed the 150,000 children who are starving to death and dying each day. The article also caught my attention when it reported that many families are feeding themselves with grass and leaves. Does the world really think that these people are so unimportant that they should eat like cows?


Blogger Bruce said...

That is a terribly confronting description of the situation in Niger.

You're right, by our inaction we do say leaves and grass is all your worth....

12:28 pm  
Blogger Garth said...

I am planning to do something in our blog communities about this...also thankyou for your recent correction, please stop by as I have replied

2:16 pm  

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