Jesus the 'Community' worker

I have decided to have a look at the way that Jesus was as a 'community' worker during his ministry on earth. I suppose what sparked this was the thinking I've been doing about the situation in Niger lately. SIM (the mission we are with) has a wholistic view within their work. Their primary goal is evangelism and reaching the lost for Christ but cannot ignore the physical needs of those around them while they're doing this. SIM has been in Niger since 1924 and has many ministries there. Some of these include hospitals, schools, leprosariums, MK schools, Agricultural centres etc but the end result of this work is the 100 churches and 6000 attendees. Other missions work there also. I believe that Jesus had a wholistic ministry (and still does) while on earth, he didn't focus on just the spiritual side of a person or just the physical but both at the same time. It will be intersting to see what I discover through this little study.


Anonymous Keith said...

You must have been teaching some of my friends at the Sahel Academy - the Cail kids and others.

God bless you and lead you in this study, Amanda.


1:31 am  

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