Illustration Friday - 'Tattoo'

This is a hard one for me as I haven't really thought much about tattoo's but here's my illustration anyway for Illustration Friday. This guy is from Niger, West Africa and he's playing a guitar made from a calabash. Traditionally his people have tattoos on their face but you can't see them here. Closest I have!


Blogger Saul Iscariot said...

Well I'm not going to knock it. I can remember being at college and making hundreds of drawings like that, many of which I still use today. And if you say the face is tattooed, then who are we to argue? It's a great picture, really bold, strong line work.

11:45 pm  
Blogger Kitty Cheng said...

fantastic picture Amanda. You're such a good visual artist.

9:59 am  
Blogger Live, Love, Laugh said...

I loved the picture and the picture you have of you and the baby is so adorable too!! This is my first stop to your site, I will be back.

8:52 pm  
Blogger The Unknown said...


2:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice illo and intersting links!well done...

4:07 pm  
Blogger urpointe said...

wow i really like this its really nice

10:10 pm  

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