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I have this need to be creative every day. I suppose some people get the same with music or exercise but with me it's creativity. Like I've said before, I can't really stand patterns when making something and I have real trouble reading them anyway. This week I made this:

Made it up and learn't a new stitch while I was at it. Last week I made this for Keziah:

She loves all things soft and fluffy and I put her in pink a lot (she has no hair so people often think she's a boy!). I've made five hats for her so far and it's such fun.

I don't know what it is, currently I'm doing two paintings. I have this idea to do a whole bunch of paintings with a cultural diversity theme and have an exhibition. The funds raised from this will go towards a chosen SIM project in West Africa. I've alreay got a friend who's agreed to colaborate with me on this so now we just have to get painting! This is the beginning's of a painting I'm doing at the moment (blue ink and silver acrylic on primed canvas so far):

Not the best shot as it has sunny patches on it but here's a closeup (again, not the best shot, looks a bit washed out):

Why do I mention all this. Not so you can all go 'ooooh, isn't she a clever diddy' but so you can get to know me better. All these things are really hard work for me and don't come easy all that often. When they do I can only give credit to God! (like the big mural thing I did for Keswick the other week). Anyway, these are some of my current projects. Oh and why the title Art not Craft? Because to me art is something that is unique, something organised, arranged, created or made from your own head. Craft to me takes skill but is often involving instructions, construction, patterns or paint by numbers. Nothing wrong with that at all by the way, I just suit Art much more!


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I love the hat! Cute!!

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