Photo Friday - Summer

This weeks PF theme is 'Summer' and considering that its winter here I've had to really think this time. Here's my entry;

Me in the centre bottom row in the white t-shirt, my brother next to me wearing his veil (see below)

Michael in front of the giant score board.

Summer in Australia means a lot of different things to other places around the world. It means Christmas, it means the long summer holiday break for kids in Dec/Jan. It means cricket! If you don't know what cricket is you can find out here.

This is us at the cricket at the MCG a couple of summers ago. It's the first and only time we've been there as we live in the west and it's a long way to Melbourne from here. We all wore those silly reign deer horns to see if we could attract the TV cameras but I don't think we were successful. We also made my brother wear a veil as it was two days before his wedding. This did call for more than one photo to show the true essence of an Aussie summer!


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Photo Friday

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