Fun Tools and A Product Highlight

The other day Michael took me to Bunnings and we went into the tools section. He knew I would love a dremel but of course they cost a lot so we went for a little looksee. To my delight I found that there was a much much cheaper version of that tool which does a similar job. A dremel is a wonderful tool, does everything from engraving to buffing and sanding to removing grout! I really wanted to improve the quality of the items I'm making out of polymer clay so we bought the $12 version and it works a treat. Its great to buff up my little pieces and see them shine!

There are quite a few new items available in both of my shops. Here are some examples:


Do you need some Napkin/Serviette holders? Would you like something a little different to put out when guests arrive? Here's something funky for your table:

Set of two very unique napkin rings. The base for these has been upcycled but the polymer clay is an original design by me. These are one of a kind napkin rings They are funcional but not dishwasher safe. A set of instructions will be sent with them when purchased. The rings measure 4cm in diameter and are decorated with beautiful slices of millefiori cane of my own design. Available here and here.


Maybe you would love a new fancy bookmark or know someone who reads a lot. How about one of these?

This is my Greek Inspirations bookmark. Inspired by the patterns found amongst greek designs, this embelishment is 3.5 cm (1.5") long and close to 1" wide (or 2.5cm). It features swirls in blue,teal and copper. Strung on a 42cm (16.5") length piece of cord (from one end to the other). It can be found for sale here and here.

Funky Bubbles Orange and Green Bookmark. Inspired by the retro plastic era, this fun bookmark features bubbles in green and orange. Embelishment is 5mm thick, just over 1/2" wide (1.5cm) and just over 1" long (3cm). Also strung on a 42cm (16.5") length piece of cord (from one end to the other). You can find this for sale here.

Who likes bright colours? Inspired by the patterns found in the 1970's, this embelishment is 3.5 cm (1.5") long and close to 3/4" wide (or 2cm). It features beautiful bright colors - aqua, orange, fuschia and blue. Strung on a 35cm (14") length bright pink cord (from one end to the other). You can buy this one here.

Feel free to browse the rest of my shops and if you have any questions, contact me.

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