My Alphabet

I got this from Craig (Craggles) over at Musings. 'You post a category with the letter of the alphabet, then put your favorite from that category in the next space.'

Artist - hard to choose but I have admired the work of Yukinori Yanagi for quite a while .
Blog - current favourite is....its a tie between Carol Wilson Update and ilBloggo
Colour - Green like this
Dog Breed - I'm a bit of a sucker for Sausage Dogs after having one for 15 years (she died a year and a half ago now) but I really love Dalmations too.
Elevator - A tie between the one in the Sears Tower in Chicago that went very very fast and the lift at Perth station which is made of glass and always makes Keziah get excited.
Flavour - spearmint.
Global Location I'd like to live in - apart from right here it would be a tie between Tasmania and Canada (not that I've been there but I have friends there)
Holiday - Tie between our trip around the world in 1998 and our trip to Tassie in 2004
Internet Activity - blog and forum browsing!
Job - working as secretary at Dale Christian School in Armadale, WA
Kiss - my daughter gave me her first real kiss this afternoon, made my day!
Lollies - Chico Babies and bullets.
Medium - as in paint, clay etc...Would have to currently be polymer clay but wool, felt and paint are a tie for second place.
Niger Memory - We spend just one year in Niger, West Africa but my favourite memory was when we spent a night in a village with Kris and Shelley Riggs.
Organisation - the mission we work with - SIM
Perfume - Used to be Paris but now I quite like Sunflowers
Queensland Destination - Cairns
Relative's Blog - tie between my parents and my brother and sister-in-law's blogs
Store - I have two online stores both called Polyclarific - Aussie store - USA based store
Treat - White chocolate!
Universal language - art
Verse - as in Bible. Would have to be this one - Jeremiah 29:11
Website - currently its Polymer Clay Central
Xanthippe - the one found here
Yiddish Word - shlep
Zoo Animal - A tie between the Giraffe and the Meerkats

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