SIM in Western Australia

As my regular readers know, Michael and I are part of SIM (Serving In Mission). Michael is the Ministry Director for Western Australia and I am the Representative. It's been a busy few months since Michael completed his studies at Trinity Theo College in November with setting up for the coming year, planning, meeting with people and sharing. We have some interesting hopes and plans for 2007, if you are intersted in receiving the WA SIM quarterly Newsletter (called SWAT - SIM WA Team - first mail out is pictured to the left), please let me know.

There are several ways you can find out information about SIM in Australia and around the world. Firstly, through the Australian Website which can be found here: SIM Australia.

Secondly, through the International Website which can be found here: SIM International.

If you are from any of the following countries and are interested in SIM, please click the link:

SIM Canada
SIM East Asia (Singapore)
SIM France
SIM New Zealand
SIM Northern Europe (UK)
SIM South Korea
SIM Southern Africa
SIM Switzerland

There are a couple of other sites worth visiting.

HOPE for Aids website
SIM Kids website
SIM Niger website

and a few SIM related blogs besides my own:

Nancy's Blog - Hannatu's Happenings
Richelle's Blog - Corazon Latino
Carol's Blog - Carol Wilson Update
Jeremy's Blog - Jeremy In Africa
Suzanne's Blog - Barefoot Bushkid
Anna's Blog - La Vita e Bella

It's a great feeling to know you're a part of something bigger than yourself. WA is a very isolated place so we're glad to connected to the rest of Australia and the world in this way.

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