Slide Night

A little while ago I volunteered to take all of my Nanna's slides off her hands. She didn't want them anymore and didn't care what I did with them. There's a lot. There are 16 round slide wheels and four little straight ones. Each round one has 120 slides in it and each straight one has around 40 slides.

Why did I want them? Mainly because I didn't want her to throw them away. These slides are the record of my grandparents travels around Australia. From the amount of slides (someone can calculate how many that equals) you can see that they travelled a lot!

Tonight we all sat down and went through four wheels and two straight ones. It was amazing to see where they went, what they discovered, how they got there etc... We had a few laughs as we discovered a whole pile of photos of my parents and my brother and I years ago. There were shots from Mum and Dad's wedding, from when I was a newborn and then when my brother was newborn. The best part was being able to compare myself with Keziah at a similar age. Now I can see where she gets that frown from and that smirk!

The strangest part is that there were photos of myself that I'd never seen before, for some reason thats a strange feeling. It was fun anyway to turn off the teli and have a laugh. Just 14 boxes of slides to go!

PS. I've got big plans for the slides that are just scenery - look out for that appearing on here one day.

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