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Each week I spend roughly 1-2 days attending to SIM admin type work. This of course involves the usual office work such as reports, emails, phone calls, arranging meetings and mail. Occasionally my artsy world and my SIM world cross paths which is exciting for me. It means I get the chance to use my artistic skills for missons.

That happened recently when Carol Wilson asked if anyone was able to put together a specific image for the March issue of SIM's International Magazine Mission Together. I was able to play around with an image using pastels and Carol liked it so....its now on the front cover of that magazine's current issue. You can see it here.

I'm quite honoured to have one of my paintings connected with our mission in this way.

PS Thats the painting there on the left

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Blogger Robin Weiss said...

Congrats Amanda! Nice little pastel. I miss seeing more of your artwork.

10:46 am  

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