'Unnoticed in Niger'

I don't apologise for going on about the situation in Niger once again. I receive 'google alerts' of Niger news stories and so it's in front of my face each morning when I read my emails. This article from The Times Online sums up a lot of why Niger is forgotten.
The journalist Richard Dowden makes this interesting statement:

"Unnoticed in Niger that was exactly what was happening. Children were starving to death. Niger is not a war-torn, collapsed state with no communications. It may be the second-poorest country on the planet but it is a democracy with a free press and a Government that is not among the world’s worst. What is more the early-warning system worked and the Government and the United Nations had appealed for help. So why was nothing done? "

He questions why the World 8 concerts and following meetings didn't work for Niger and it's an informative read.

We need to pray for Niger at this time. As a Christian I believe that the many children (and adults) who are dying each day in this part of the world are going to a Christless eternity which is heart wrentching. We need to pray for wisdom for the hundreds of missionaries who work there as well as the aid workers and the government. Somtimes there's just so much to pray about isn't there.

Nigerien children inside a school we visited. Hopefully these kids are still alive and healthy.


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