A little brainstorm

I've been trying to think of a way to use my artistic skills to raise some money for SIM's Niger Famine Relief Project and I think I've thought of one way. I did some sketches while we were there for SIL for some literacy booklets and I'm going to look into turning these into cards and selling them. Just getting them printed up in black ink and then painting into them with watercolour might just work! I'm excited about this now! I might see about selling them in a set of 6 for around $12/pack. Not sure if that sounds too cheap but I'm not a very good judge on what people would be prepared to pay (I'm open to suggestions!). Anyway, here's a sample of one of the images I'd be using:


Blogger wilsonian said...

ooooh- I really look forward to seeing these up for sale :)

12:17 am  

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