What Will Happen Afterwards?

Maradi is a place that we visited when we were in Niger. It's a very dry, hot place most of the year round. We have friends within SIM who are involved in an ongoing project there called the Maradi Integrated Development Project. This project aims to teach practical farming skills to local people and at one point they even flew some Australian Aboriginal people into Niger to show them how to make use of the Acacia tree.
So, what will happen when the aid agencies leave? (the question asked in this article). Well, the Nigerien government will still struggle and the people will still live in a a semi-arid, drought stricken country BUT projects like the MIDP will go on and work for a long term solution. If you would like to support the MIDP you can learn more here.
SIM Missionaries in Maradi involved in the MIDP.


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