Quiz Competition

I'm running a quiz competition on my Etsy site.

All who enter will be put in a random draw for the prize of free shipping on their order. PLEASE SEND ME THE ANSWERS THROUGH THE CONTACT ME BUTTON on the site or email me at polyclarific@oddsocks.net. Please don't put the answers here or it will spoil it for everyone else. If this happens, I will accept the entries from all those up to that point and then change the quiz questions. Drop a note here when you enter. : ) Have fun!

Here's the quiz:

1. What is the length of the last item in my shop?
2. Which state of Australia am I from?
3. What is my birthdate?
4. What color is the other piggy bank(not the pink)?
5. What does PCAGOE stand for?
6. Exactly what part of nature inspired the necklace that was 'inspired by nature'?
7. What is the word spelt wrong in the retro stripes pendant description?
8. What is the 9th tag on the third item listed?
9. How many beads are shown in the 5th picture on the first listing?
10. What inspired the creation of the Funky Bubbles Pendant?

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Blogger Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Your store looks great!

Thanks for donating a prize to the Ultimate Blog Party.

I just added your prize listing - please check it over and let me know if there are any problems. Thanks :)

5:47 pm  

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