Photo Friday 'Heat'

This week's PF theme is 'heat'. Living in Perth means that heat is a part of life. In summer itusually gets to around 42C (thats nearly 108F), sometimes a little higher and usually for a few days in a row. Sometimes we have a heat wave where this last for a week or more. This summer wasn't too bad. I'm not posting about Perth though because the hottest we ever experienced was in Niger, West Africa.

I'm fairly sure we had days where the temp got up to 50C (thats 122F). When we went to Papua New Guinea on our way home someone commented that we didn't look very 'brown' for people who'd lived in such temperatures. There's a reason for that. When its 50C outside you don't really go and bask in it and try to get a tan (well, we didn't anway). Besides, two words.....skin cancer.

Anyway, this photo is from the heat we experienced in Africa back in 2000-2001 (spot the giraffe by the way) and the second shot shows just how 'white' we really were afterwards!

Niger, West Africa

Papua New Guinea (notice the volcanic soil!)

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