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Last week I ran a survey about my shops (Polyclarific on Etsy and Wahmania) to find out whether people liked my items and if my prices were right. The results are very intersting and I thought I'd shar a few of the stats.
  • In total 25 people did the survey which I was encouraged by.
  • It seems that magnets are the most wished for item, seconded by pendants then earrings.
  • Most people think my prices are about right although some think they're a little high. Two people said I underpriced my items.
  • Most people said that my range is just right although, on person said its too bright and one said its too dull. Quite a few said I need more variation.
  • The most favoured items were Pendants followed closely by napkin rings and then nacklaces. Only one person needs a bookmark and only one needs earrings.
  • There were some great suggestions in the areas of style and colours and some interesting suggestions which I will take into consideration.
Thank you everyone who did the survey, you've been a big help to me in adjusting things in my stores.

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Blogger Rona's Home Page said...

That's a very smart thing, for you to survey your customers. It keeps you in touch and they appreciate that.

11:14 am  

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