Schapelle Corby's Health

If you go to the official Schapelle Corby website you can read the rest of this excerpt about how bad Schapelle's health is at the moment and also why there hasn't been much about her in the news of late:

"Schapelle has contracted a very serious case of bacterial conjunctivitis, otherwise known as "pink eye"....This form of highly contagious eye infection is a bacterial conjunctivitis and is spread by direct or indirect contact. Visean eye drops have been provided to Schapelle by prison authorities but her condition is currently so bad that she can barely open her eyes.....Schapelle has also contracted a severe case of tinea in her feet."

You can still send personal care packages (or a friendly note or letter) to Schapelle, perhaps if you think of it you could post her some eye drops or tinea cream (I think from the article most of the ladies in her cell have these problems too).

Letters and Care Packages to Schapelle Corby should be addressed as follows;

    Schapelle Corby C/- LPM Kerobokan Jl.
    Tangkuban Perahu Kerobokan,
    Denpasar 80117 Bali, INDONESIA


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda! Saw your link to this on the SOS Forum! Great article here!

9:10 am  

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