Today's Baking Session

Today Keziah's grandparents came and got her and she spent most of the day with them. They had a great time. This meant that I had time DURING THE DAY to do whatever I wanted. I'm pretty up to date with most things around the house and seeing as it's a Saturday I did two things I enjoyed. Firstly, I had a long phone call with my brother and sister-in-law who live in Geelong, Victoria (temporarily). Secondly, I spent time DURING THE DAY making polymer clay beads to sell. I've had interest from a shop up in Pioneer Village in Armadale for pendants and hopefully beads so I've been busy making them.

You can see some of today's efforst here (hearts are shown above):

Today's Baking Session

These are fresh from the oven (except the hearts, they are unbaked here) so they still need finishing. Anyway, I've got some time tonight to put some jewellery together so I'll be sitting down to do that shortly.

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Blogger Duncan said...

Looks great amanda! I hope you enjoyed you day, baby free. I bet the grandparents had a great day with their grandchild:) I might have to contact you, when I have some time to talk about valentines day! Anyways chat soon:)

8:36 pm  

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